I produce downtempo electronica with classical and folk influences for me. I can deliver evocative, from-scratch instrumentals for you!

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Orogen EP


This five-song adventure in intricate electronica is named for the process of a continental plate crumpling to form one or more mountain ranges. All other words are made up.

Music for Stage & Screen


This diddy accompanies a visually projected from the live variety show Optical Popsicle 7. One theme suggests the real life of a lonely young girl, while a second theme dips into her imaginary world. At the end, they reconcile.

"The Humblest Hour"

This two-part instrumental was commissioned for an abstract Optical Popsicle skit about rebuilding life after an unexpected tragedy.

"Heck Above Deck" Curtain Call Music

The musical has come to a close; time to generate those goosebumps and remind the audience of the songs they heard and the moments they loved.

"Summer Reading Program"

Background music for videos commissioned by the Indianapolis Public Library. These were shown in classrooms throughout the months of May and June, to get kids excited about reading and earning prizes over the summer!

"Optical Popsicle Infinity Theme"

Hype music for Know No Stranger’s 2015 variety show!

"DJ Rude-Dolph's X-Mix"

The backing track for a skit featuring a set by a rather obnoxious, Christmas music-only DJ.


I composed this piece to accompany a choreography about moving from timidity to exploratory play. Four characters (heard as differently timbred, panned pianos) used flashlights to interact with large, mirrored kinetic sculptures.