Life and business are journeys, worthy of support and curiosity. I’m here to dig with you into the heart of your vision, then to develop visuals unique to you.


We made typography take flight in this logo for a drone operator in Indianapolis. We explored a lot of ways the “a” and “f” could appear to float or represent a drone.

Later, the company pivoted in perhaps the only direction that wouldn’t require a new logo — operating a selfie mirror photo booth for events.


Local distilleries are enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity, and BourbonFellas needed a hard-hitting and confident brand to help set them apart. These initial designs explore a moody mélange of brotherhood and the Glencairn whiskey glass shape (considered the best vessel for an unforgettable bourbon whisky experience.)

The Hands Myotherapy

Myotherapy is massage that strategically address musculoskeletal pain. The brand space of massage has largely been feminized, so this male myotherapist and I chose to develop a masculine-leaning visual system for his practice — broadening the appeal of professional massage services.

The Hands logo suggests several things: “t” and an “h”, the three dimensional systems of the body, and exacting applications of pressure. The cool color scheme invites customers to a refreshing experience that frees them from pain.

Moment Podcast

Tune in to Moment, a podcast where Justin and Greg expound on their experiences as queer black men in Indianapolis — tackling relevant topics such as pronouns and consent, and celebrating whatever and whoever inspires them. It’s a dynamic corner all their own.