Majuscule is a one-woman creative studio committed to work that delights and informs.

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Thank you for stopping by! I’m Rachel Leigh. Majuscule is the French (and English typography) word for capital letters — the alphabet being one of my first loves.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer for over ten years, while teaching myself elements of illustration, motion design, and audio production. I don’t claim expertise in all of these fields; rather, I love to lead and support creative projects as a multidisciplinary who helps components resonate together.

I grew up partly in the U.S. and partly in Europe, in a family of teachers, artists, and programmers. My experience of high sensory sensitivity inside so many different cultural and educational settings gave me a craving for compassionate, competent design, and a bone-deep belief in its ability to speak to our better natures.

I love designing honest, beautiful things for ambitious, divergent thinkers. Shall we?

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Step back and dig deep.

We take time to ensure our ideas are feasible, valuable, and ethical, developing the long-term vision that will keep us motivated down the road.

Clarify the message.

Bring me your raw words, images, footage, melodies — whatever you have. I’ll use my outsider perspective to ask questions, identify gaps, and make recommendations that shore up the conceptual foundation of the work.

Build worlds.

In our own lifetimes, the bar used to be much lower for getting attention. Today we can choose to design refuge from media saturation, smoothing and seasoning the priceless practice of focus for anyone who spends time with our work.

Enjoy ourselves.

I prefer to work on a flat-fee basis agreed upon at the start of the project. This allows us to keep finance in the footnotes, and to sink our teeth into the timelessness of satisfying work, at a pace that feels nurturing to everyone involved.


There is nothing like the thrill of releasing a project, especially one unlike anything your audience has seen before. You know them, you love them — they deserve to be impressed and feel transported.